Privacy Policy

Our goal is to make sure that the content of our Website is adjusted to the needs of our Visitors. At the same time, protecting our Visitors’ privacy is our priority. This Privacy Policy documents which information and in what purpose are collected from the Users during their visit on our Website. By visiting and browsing our Website you accept the terms of this Policy.

User’s data

1. Data collected during the visit on our Website

While visiting our Website you are in no way obliged to share any personal data with us.

During your visit on our Website we may automatically collect from you information such as your IP address or the web browser you are using to view the Website. This data is in no way used to identify you.

2. Data collected while contacting the webmasters

If you’re contacting us through the contact form or by e-mail, you are willingly sharing with us your e-mail address and some personal data (i.e. your name). This information will only be used by us to reply to you and will not be shared with any third parties.

Cookie Policy

Cookie files (or Cookies) are small text files that contain bits of information. They are saved and stored on the electronic device (i.e. computer, mobile phone) used while browsing our Website. They do not contain any personal data.

Cookie files are used in the process of adjusting the Website to the User’s individual needs. They’re also used in the process of creating statistics of all the Users visiting the Website and monitoring the Users’ activity on our Website. Cookies help us improve the content of our Website.

Every User that does not agree with the Cookie Policy may turn off Cookies on the browser they are using while visiting our Website. They will still be able to browse our Website, excluding the features that require access to the Cookies.

Final information

Administrators of this website have a right to make changes in this Privacy Policy at any moment, without giving the Users prior notice. In case of any questions regarding safety of your privacy on our Website, we encourage you to contact us through the ‘Contact’ bookmark.

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