Daily Archive: January 9, 2018

natural collagen, pure collagen 0

Pure collagen in form of a powder. It is an ideal solution for beauty. Natural collagen

Pure collagen (natural collagen) directly affects your hair, skin, and nails. Its regular use will make you feel a significant difference after the first treatment stage. Your hair will become thicker, nails stronger, and skin smooth and well hydrated. I am using it for 2 months now and I am very satisfied with the results. They...

fish collagen. marine collagen 0

The best natural fish collagen in form of a powder. Marine collagen !

Collagen is extremely important for our body. Not only does it smooth wrinkles but also inhibits skin ageing processes. What is more, it takes care of our hair, bones, nails, teeth, joints, boosts immunity and has many other wonderful properties. Natural and completely safe for our body fish collagen, obtained from marine fish skin. In...

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